Clubs are student-led organizations that SRJC is committed to supporting. Join a club to meet other students who share your interests, build lasting friendships, and have fun! Clubs can be great opportunities to learn more about yourself, for materializing your values, and contributing to your community.
Those who choose to be a club president, officer, or leader will find that clubs are key for building real-world skills - from navigating systems, improving communications/effectiveness, and making a difference. Plan a trip, enter a competition against another college, volunteer for a cause, collaborate with industry experts, host your own conference -as a club, you decide what to do!

Clubs must submit paperwork each semester to remain active. Clubs activated in spring semester remain active in the summer session. 
Contact for more specific information: Coordinator, Student Engagement, Joshua Pinaula at




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Start a Club

Start a Club

Starting a club is as easy as 1-2-3. All clubs are required to fill out the Club Activation Packet each semester to remain current and active. 

Learn more about how to start a club here

Club Funding

Club Funding

One of the benefits of being an active club is the ability to request funds from the ICC Trust. These funds can then be used to support club activities such as field trips.

Learn more about requesting funds for your club here 

Club Advising

Club Advising

Being a club advisor is a great opportunity for SRJC faculty and staff to help strengthen communities and support students in doing what they love. 

Learn more about advising student clubs here



Name Office Contact For
Andrew Simmalaychanh Vice-President Student Clubs - Santa Rosa Inter-Club Council (ICC)
Alonso Rodriguez Villalobos Vice-President Student Clubs - Petaluma Petaluma Clubs


Name Job Title Advisor
Joshua Pinaula Coordinator, Student Engagement Programs Inter-Club Council (ICC)
Candy Owens  Coordinator, Petaluma Student Engagement Petaluma Council
Melissa Garcia Cowan Advisor, Student Life Accounts & Marketing Programs Club Accounts