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CubCard ID is Virtual!

Get your virtual Student ID to ride the bus for FREE!

CubCard Premium: Be sure to add CubCard Premium to your cart when you enroll! With discounts to many local businesses you can earn your money back and support important student life programs, like basic needs, events, and scholarships for students.

Lost and Found

Need Assistance? Reach out to the Student Ambassadors at the Info Desk.

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Take Care of Business! 

Check out the forms page to find the right form for your event, project, field trip, and more! 

Funding: There are many ways to get financial support for your event! You can work through clubs, Student Government, partner with an academic department, or contact the Intercultural Center or Student Life Staff.

Need Assistance? If you are unsure where to begin or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Student Ambassadors at the Info Desk.

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Get a Room! 

Student Facilities are available for reservation by student groups and their advisors. Want to reserve a room? Contact us directly or visit the Event Management System.

Find your way: SRJC is growing! New buildings are popping up and familiar walk ways and parking lots may be closed. Check up our updated maps and capital projects news for up to date info on our campuses.

Interested in Renting a Space at SRJC? Reach out to our Facilities Use & Rentals services.

rights & responsibilities

Know Your Rights!

9+1 Student Rights are included in state law that governs the California Community College system. 

Grievances: If you feel your rights have been violated you should try to resolve it directly. If you are unhappy with the outcome you can file a Student Grievance.

Academic Integrity

Free Speech

Need Assistance? SRJC has a team of professionals here to support the well-being of our community. Check out the.B-CARE Team website to learn more.


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