Student Life


Dining Commons

Student Life, Equity & Engagement, Santa Rosa

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4664

Student Life & Engagement Programs, Petaluma

Call Building 1st Floor, Room PC 608

Girvin Student Activities Center (SAC)

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4608, Capacity 134

Student Resource Center

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4657

Cybear Center South

Call Building 1st Floor, Room PC 607

Rotary Center for Student Leadership (CSL)

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4643, Capacity 88

"Educating leaders for a lifetime of involvement and success."

Our Vision

The Rotary Center for Student Leadership will be the catalyst to create and implement a highly

regarded model for leadership training and certification, designed to facilitate students'

development as ethical, committed, and engaged individuals and responsible citizens.


Our Mission

The Rotary Center for Student Leadership will engage students in a variety of learning opportunities

designed to expand their knowledge and abilities in leadership and service, so that principles of civic

responsibility, respect, justice and integrity may evolve in their relationships and communities.

Senate Chambers (SC)

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4638, Capacity 66

Petaluma Student Center

Room PC 401

Craig Dining Commons (DC)

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4612, Capacity 277

Weller Associates Dining Room (ADR)

Bertolini 1st Floor, Room 4614, Capacity 60

Outdoor Facilities

Bertolini Quad, SRJC Santa Rosa

Hyde Park, SRJC Santa Rosa

Rotary Plaza, SRJC Petaluma