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Our mission is to help you find out about all the opportunities waiting for you in Student Government and the system of Shared Governance at SRJC. With over 70 student clubs and organizations, it's easy to find a place to get involved. On this page, you will find out information about committees, and ad-hoc groups and the details needed to apply. We hope you get involved and look forward to you joining us here at Student Government Assembly!

Student Government Assembly Committees

The SRJC Student Government Assembly meets weekly and represent the opinions and needs of students, provide opportunities for leadership development, and plan meaningful activities and events. In addition, the SGA promote student life, activities and advocacy at the college, in the community and throughout the state of California. Student representatives serve on a number of college committees. Each Officer is required to serve on two shared governance committees, per their Constitution.

How do I get involved with SGA Committees?

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SRJC Shared Governance

The Process

The Student Government Assembly (SGA) has all sorts of unique opportunities. The categorization of all these groups may seem a little complicated, but don't worry about that now. You are always welcome to come to our office on the 1st floor of the Bertolini Student Center (adjacent to the Campus Bookstore) and we'll sit down with you one-on-one to answer any questions you may have. Chances are if you have been on your previous high school or college¬ís student government you have an idea of what we are all about, but rest assured we are more than just meetings. We are about passions, change, and most importantly the students.

For most committees and organizations there are both leadership and membership roles and responsibilities. Depending on your aspirations the process is slightly different. Both are outlined below.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities
Membership Leadership
Members are the staple of any committee. Anyone can be a member. There is no interview process or anything else to worry about. It's all about your interests, your commitment, and the change you want to bring to campus. With over 70 student clubs and organizations, we are confident you will find your place with like-minded and talented peers. Use this website to find out about all of the opportunities waiting for you or stop by our office on the bottom floor of the multicultural center Student Resource Center. After you apply, we'll get you acquainted with how we work, introduce you to everyone, and get you situated. Here's the rundown:
  1. Find an opportunity that calls to you
  2. Fill out the online application
  3. Wait for the Executive Vice President of Legislation contact you ASAP
SRJC Student Body is always looking for leaders. They are people who are motivated, have a vision, and want to improve the campus experience for their peers. If you find an open leadership position that interests you, the process is a little more involved than simply membership. In addition to the Membership process, there will be an interview to help us see your qualifications and for you to be able to ask any questions. We'll give you the full tour of SGA and who you will be working with. Your appointment process will have several phases as well, but you don't have to worry about all that just yet. We'll keep you informed as you go. Here's the basic rundown:
  1. Find a position with an organization that interests you
  2. Fill out the online application
  3. We contact you to set up an interview time
  4. Appointed by the President of Student Body
  5. Appointment ratified by Student Government Assembly
  6. Begin Duties