Fully Active Clubs are able to request money from the ICC trust.  Clubs are allowed to request funds to help support field trips, fundraisers and other club activities. Clubs can request up to $400 in one request, a club can request funds multiple times throughout the school year.  If a club is still in need of funding they should also consider reaching out to Student Government for more funding.  Requests for funds from the ICC trust need to be completed and turned in by Thursday 3:00 pm the week before the meeting.  

How To Request Money From The ICC Trust

  1. Complete the the ICC Grant Proposal Form and turn into ICC Advisor Joshua Pinuala - and ICC chair by 3:00 pm the Thursday before the meeting.  
  2. Attend the ICC meeting and explain to the clubs why your club needs funding (the clubs will then vote on the request).
  3. If the funding request is approved, complete the Club & Trust Reimbursement Request and email it along with the receipts and minutes from the ICC meeting to ICC Finance Advisor Melissa Cowan at
    1. If you use your credit/debit card, please provide a copy of your bank statement (with the account number blanked out) showing your name and the withdrawal. 
    2. No alcohol may be purchased with club funds.
    3. If you are requesting payment for a service (t-shirts, etc.), a W-9 must be provided from the vendor or individual. This form is used to provide social security or tax ID information, and is available online at
  4. Checks may take up to 7-10 business days to process, so please plan ahead to ensure timely payment. 

ICC Grant Proposal Form- Complete this form to request funding from the ICC Trust.

Club & Trust Funds Reimbursement-Complete this form out once your funding request has been approved.

Student Government Grant Proposal Form-Complete this form if you would like to request funding from Student Government.

New Club Stipend

To help support new clubs ICC has developed the New Club Stipend.  The Stipend amount for eligible clubs is $50 and will be implemented on a first come first serve basis.  Eligible clubs will receive their stipend after they complete the New Club Stipend Application.

Returning Club Stipend

Clubs that were active at the end of the previous Fall and Spring Semesters and that are active within the first three weeks of school are eligible for the Returning Club Stipend.  The Returning Club Stipend is $50 and the disbursement of the funds will occur after the third week of the semester.


Fundraising is a great way for clubs to raise money to help support club activities and further the mission of the club. Student Life encourages clubs that are interested in fundraising to reach out to Student Life for support with fundraising.  

  1. Complete the Special Event Application
  2. For on campus fundraisers communicate with facilities to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding set up for the event.
  3. After the event club members need to bring funds raised to Student Life, where ICC Finance Advisor Melissa Cowan will deposit them into the clubs account.

Fundraising Ideas

  1. Dine & Donate
  2. Local Business Sponsorships
  3. Eteams Sponsorship
  4. Car Wash
  5. Host a fundraising dinner
  6. See's Candy fundraiser

Other Information regarding fundraising and money

  • All Club financial records, deposits, checks and financial activity managed through Club Trust.
  • All payments to vendors or suppliers for materials and service should be through the Club Trust.  Students should not be handing cash or checks to vendors/ restaurants/ suppliers.
  • Attach original receipts, credit card statements and invoice to Club Trust Funds Request Form along with your Advisors signature.
  • Sales tax @ 9.00% will be deducted from deposit for sales of all material goods (See's, Food Sales, T-Shirts, etc).
  • Alcohol purchases are not permitted and cannot be reimbursed.
  • Can be reimbursed for purchases of good, etc.  However you cannot be reimbursed for individual services (training, performance/ lecture) must be done through SRJC Escape requisition.