Club Resources

Hey clubs! This is a page for you. The information is pretty sparse at the moment, but the intention is to make this a one-stop-shop for any kind of club guide or resource you may need. This is a new page, so starting off there may be empty or blank sections, and to minimize miscommunication there may be times that a description is left fairly brief as we link to another page. Also, we're looking for communication as well -if this page is missing something, or if you would like to add something to the page please contact: Coordinator, Student Engagement, Joshua Pinaula at


Outreach Resources


    Getting the word out and recruiting new members is an important part of any successful club.  There are multiple ways in which you can help recruit new members to your club.  

    • Post on the MySRJCApp.
    • Create a flyer in Canva.
    • Create social media accounts to help promote your club and interact with other clubs on social media.
    • Submit your clubs flyer to Joshua Pinaula - for submission in the BearFacts newsletter.
    • Submit your flyers to ICC Advisor Joshua Pinaula - for submission to the Student Life Social Media accounts.
    • Attend SRJC events and spread the word.
    • Ask your teachers if you can make an announcement at the beginning or end of class.
    • Attend meetings of other clubs and make an announcement.
    • Make an announcement during public comments at an ICC meeting to inform other clubs about the club you intend to start.
    • Attend a Student Government meeting and make an announcement during public comments.
    • Ask your advisor for help in promoting the club.

    Posting physical flyers around campus is the responsibility of the Bertolini Information Desk. There are 14 posting areas on the Santa Rosa Campus. You can drop off 14 posters at the Bertolini information Desk, and our Student Ambassadors will post them for you.

    Other considerations:

    If you need help creating a poster there are free tools that you can find online, including: Canva and postermywall


    The Student Life Office has a large format printer, and are taking steps figuring out the appropriate pricing. More details soon.


    *Temporarily unavailable.*
    Supplies have run out, and more have been ordered.

    CLUBS, ICC, & SGA: 10¢ per button
    DISTRICT DEPARTMENTS: 15¢ per button

Activity Resources


Student events help bring the curriculum to life, provide important professional skills, and help to build a thriving student life at SRJC Student Life Event Application

  • All clubs must complete the Student Life Event App when hosting an on campus event.
  • Online events must A) use a zoom link, B) have an advisor present, and C) have completed the Student Life Event App.
  • If a club wishes to table in the quad or other campus spaces there is no need to complete Student Life Event App.  The club needs to check in at the front desk in Student Life (Bertolini-1st Floor) where they can check out a table and some chairs.
  • Clubs can meet in the library, classrooms and other campus spaces by special request.


Club Meeting Calendar