1. The first step in starting a club is finding a club advisor and students for the club.

2. The second step that any new club needs to complete is to fill out the Club Activation Packet.

3. The final step is to attend an Inter-Club Council meeting and be confirmed as a new club by the other clubs at an ICC meeting (Wednesdays at 1:30 pm-Center for Student Leadership located on the 1st Floor of Bertolini.


Tips for finding a Club Advisor

Each club is required to find an advisor who is a faculty or staff member at Santa Rosa JC.  While finding an advisor can be an intimidating process, it is an important step that will greatly benefit the success of the club and enhance the experience of the club members.  A good advisor can help the club complete the necessary paperwork, navigate the rules and processes at SRJC, provide guidance and most importantly help club members enjoy their experience.  Below are some steps to help find a club advisor.

  1. Start looking for a Faculty or Classified Staff member that works in a department that aligns with your clubs interest.  Faculty/Staff Lookup & Department Lookup.
  2. Reach out to current advisors to see if they are interested in advising a second club.
  3. Talk with your teachers about advising or if they know any faculty who may be interested in advising.
  4. Reach out to ICC Advisor Zack Miranda - zmiranda@santarosa.edu for help finding an advisor.


Tips for recruiting new members

Getting the word out and recruiting new members is an important part of any successful club.  There are multiple ways in which you can help recruit new members to your club.  

  1. Post on the MySRJCApp.
  2. Create a flyer in Canva.
  3. Create social media accounts to help promote your club and interact with other clubs on social media.
  4. Submit your clubs flyer to Zack Miranda (zmiranda@santarosa.edu) for submission in the BearFacts newsletter.
  5. Submit your flyers to ICC Advisor Zack Miranda - zmiranda@santarosa.edu for submission to the Student Life Social Media accounts.
  6. Attend SRJC events and spread the word.
  7. Ask your teachers if you can make an announcement at the beginning or end of class.
  8. Attend meetings of other clubs and make an announcement.
  9. Make an announcement during public comments at an ICC meeting to inform other clubs about the club you intend to start.
  10. Attend a Student Government meeting and make an announcement during public comments.
  11. Ask your advisor for help in promoting the club.

Other Considerations when becoming a Club

When starting a new club, clubs must consider whether they want to be a Fully Active Club or an Ad Hoc Club.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both options and a club is allowed to change their status if they find either option to not be the best for their club during the semester. 

Fully Active Club-The main advantage of a Fully Active Club is the ability to vote on agenda items during meetings and request money from the ICC Trust.  In order to do this a club representative must attend the weekly ICC meetings.

Ad Hoc Club-If a member of a club is unable to consistently attend the weekly ICC meetings then becoming an Ad Hoc Club is an option.  Ad Hoc Clubs are recognized by SRJC, their information is posted on the website and they can use SRJC facilities.  They essentially have all of the rights as a Fully Active Club with two main exceptions.  The first is that an Ad Hoc Club should they choose to attend an ICC Meeting will be unable to vote on any agenda items.  The second difference is that an Ad Hoc Club is not allowed to request money from the ICC Trust.  If a club starts out as an Ad Hoc Club but at some point in the semester decides for whatever reason they want to change their status to a Fully Active Club, they can do that.  The same holds true for a Fully Active Club that wishes to change to an Ad Hoc Club once the semester has started.