FAQ’s for Student Support Center

(707) 527-4424

Q: I lost textbooks and supplies. What is the process for replacing textbooks and/or supplies?

A: The bookstore is working with publishers, and other resources to assist students with the procurement of their lost course materials. The very first step would be to contact the bookstore and complete a claim with the student’s course(s) and section number(s).  We will use this data to compile a list of needs by student, financial need, and by course.


Q: The laptop and calculator I borrowed from the Library/ Student Affairs is destroyed/gone. What do I do?

A: “If your laptop or calculator is destroyed or gone, please contact the Circulation Desk at either campus library or the Student Life Office in Bertolini as soon as possible. Overdue and lost item fines will be waived if a patron accrues fines due to a natural disaster. Reasonable documentation may be requested to confirm that a fine waiver is appropriate.


Q: How do I cash my Financial Aid disbursement check and/or Fire Relief Grant check when I have lost my state identification card?

A: Students may go to the Exchange Bank branch on Steele and Mendocino avenues and present only a SRJC student ID. If they are not members of Exchange Bank, they will waive the fee.


Q: If I drop classes, do I get reimbursed for my Tuition/Enrollment Fees?

A: Yes, Students must complete the Petition for Waiver of College Regulations, include their address, complete the comments section as to why they are dropping and asking for a refund,  and check the refund/reverse fees box as well as the drop (with or without a W) box.


  1. : If I drop classes, do I have to refund my financial aid?
  2. : “It Depends”, and varies from situation to situation, please directly contact Financial Aid by phone; (707) 527-4471. Or in person at Plover Hall.


Q: I am not able to finish the semester. What is the process for dropping classes? What documentation do you need?

A: Students wishing to drop classes, need to complete the Petition for Waiver of College Regulations. Normally, we would ask for documentation, but in this extraordinary circumstance, just including their address and a statement telling us why they are dropping will be sufficient.


Q: If I do drop classes, what will appear on my transcript?

A: No notation will be included on the transcript (basically it will be a non-punitive drop without a W).  However, if a student needs the W to appear, then we can drop with a W.


Q: How long can I go without it before being ticketed?

A: The District Police will not be enforcing parking on any campus until October 31, 2017 in consideration of those students and staff who no longer have their parking permit. If you have lost your parking permit because of the fire, please go to the Accounting Department in Bailey Hall.


Q: How can I replace my parking permit?

A: Please check with Accounting in Bailey Hall, all of this information will be available there.


Q: If my financial aid check was lost. How can I get it replaced?

A: “It Depends”, and varies from situation to situation, please directly contact Financial Aid by phone; (707) 527-4471. Or in person at Plover Hall.


Q: Where do I pick up my paycheck?

A: They will be available in the Accounting Office Bailey Hall and Petaluma Business Office during normal office hours.


Q: Are there any grants or scholarships available for those affected by the Sonoma County fires?

A: Grants for students, faculty, and staff who’ve lost their homes during the fires are currently available from the SRJC Fire Relief Fund. These funds will go directly to current students, faculty and staff who have lost everything. Students can apply at https://studentlife.santarosa.edu/form/fire-relief-fund-student-application.


Q: Will the semester be extended by two weeks to cover for the missed time?

A: No, curriculum may be condensed for the rest of the semester and instructors will do their best to cover whatever is essential by the final exam.


Additional Information:

  •  Any student experiencing trauma who is not a current DRD student is eligible to complete the intake process for services. DRD will fast track these students and provide them with temporary accommodations.
  • Students scheduled for the second disbursement of financial aid checks will be able to pick up their checks Thursday 10/19 and Friday 10/20 in the Bertolini Student Dining Commons. The Accounting Office will have a table there and that is where the students can pick up their checks. A notification will go out to those scheduled for disbursement. If checks aren’t pick up by Thursday or Friday, they will then be mailed.
  • Any student who has not been eligible for financial aid and has been affected by the fires, should consult with the Financial Aid Office and inquire about special circumstances given their “now” situation.
  • If you need support processing the events of the last two weeks, you can contact SRJC support online, in person, by phone, or by email.  Online resources for dealing with disaster, loss, and trauma: https://shs.santarosa.edu/online-activities. Student Health Services staff will be available 10/18-10/20 from 9am-4pm for in-person support for students. Email: srjcstudentlife@santarosa.edu / Phone: 707-527-4424