Student Fees

Transportation Fee:

California Education Code section 76361 authorizes community college districts to establish a transportation fee in order to reduce fares for students using public transit provided by common carriers or municipally-owned transit systems; for the Sonoma County Junior College District (SCJCD), this could include Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa City Bus and Petaluma City Bus. According to 76361, all students at a campus may be required to pay a transportation fee if a majority of the students at that campus vote that all students will pay. The CCCCO Student Fee Handbook states that “A review of the legislative history of section 76361 suggests that the phrase “a majority of all students on a campus” means a majority of those students voting in the election held for the purpose of authorizing the fee.” The handbook goes on to say that “students who take only online classes may be charged the fee, because the assessment does not depend on actual use of the services.”
At their March 27, 2017 meeting, Student Government Assembly (SGA) voted unanimously to approve the Transportation Fee Referendum to be placed on the ballot for the April 17-21, 2017 Associated Students Election. The Referendum was passed with 69.2% of students voting in support.
In accordance with the limits set by 76361, the SGA has determined, in consultation with college officials, that each student will contribute one dollar ($1) per unit, not to exceed ten dollars ($10) per semester and up to five dollars ($5) for the summer term. This requirement shall not apply to students enrolled in non-credit classes or those enrolled in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program, the Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program or the General Assistance Program.
Fees authorized by election remain valid for “a period of time to be determined by the governing board of the district” (Ed. Code, §§ 76361(b)(1) and 76361(b)(2)). On May 9th, 2017, the SCJCD Board of Trustees approved a 5 year duration plan for the Transportation Fee, after which a formal review will take place to assess whether it should continue.
SGA and the SCJCD administration are collaboratively determining the appropriate use of the fee revenue by developing agreements with local service providers.