Student Fees

STUDENT ACTIVITIES FEE [CubCard Premium] (Non-Mandatory Fee)

Authorized By: California Student Fee Handbook, Chapter 4.3

Semester Fee: $15 per semester

Summer Fee: $9 per session       

More Info: The "CubCard Premium" is a benefit program sponsored by the Student Government Assembly that provides discounts and/or FREE services to SRJC enrolled students as a result of their $15 paid membership fee. A complete list of "CubCard Premium" benefits can be accessed by clicking here.





CA Education Code: 76060.5

Semester Fee: $1 per semester

Summer Fee: $1 per session        

More Info: The Student Representation Fee is a voluntary one dollar ($1.00) donation collected at the time of registration for each enrolled student for purposes of providing student governmental affairs representatives the means to state their positions and viewpoints before city, county, district, state, and federal government as well as other public agencies.




CA Education Code: 76375

Semester Fee: $1 per unit, $10 maximum per academic year

Summer Fee: $1 per unit, $10 maximum per academic year

Fee Passed: Spring 2015, via Student Election

More Info:




CA Education Code: 76361

Semester Fee: $1 per unit, $10 maximum per semester

Summer Fee: $1 per unit, $5 maximum per session

Fee Passed: Spring 2017, via Student Election      

More Info: The Student Government Assembly has established a transportation fee in order to reduce fares for students using public transit provided by common carriers or municipally-owned transit systems, including Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa City Bus and Petaluma City Bus. The SGA has determined, in consultation with college officials, that each student will contribute one dollar ($1) per unit, not to exceed ten dollars ($10) per semester and up to five dollars ($5) for the summer term. This requirement shall not apply to students enrolled in non-credit classes or those enrolled in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program, the Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program or the General Assistance Program.