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                                     10th Annual SCSFF Audience                                         Best in Show Director, Grant Anderson-Smith                                             Q/A with directors 


You are invited to attend the 13th Annual Sonoma County Student Film Festival!

You are invited to attend and view Sonoma County student short films for the 13th annual student film festival to be held virtually on Friday, April 9, 2021. Select films will be shown to the public and will be followed by a Q & A.

Join us at the following Zoom link:

For more information about Sonoma County Student Film Festival, join us on Film Freeway

The Sonoma County Student Film Festival was initiated 13 years ago by the Student Government President, Amanda Swan, and launched at SRJC Petaluma. The Sonoma County Film Festival (SCSFF) encourages students to build academic and professional connections with their peers and community. And it strives to connect and introduce student filmmakers within the community to our own Film Studies and Digital Filmmaking programs here at SRJC.  

Featured filmmakers receive passes to attend the Film Fest Petaluma, Sonoma County’s Premiere international short films festival.  This program is the result of collaboration between the SRJC Student Life and Communication Studies departments.

Selected Films:

The Ritual                         Directed By: Isaiah Rich, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Space Things                    Directed By:  Matty Denison, Santa Rosa High School 

Left Behind                      Directed By: Tony Wilson, Petaluma High School 

Summertime                    Directed By:  Max Belove, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Art is Everywhere            Directed By:  Morgan J. Hamilton-Lee, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Pay Attention                   Directed By: Kaila Bohler, Gabrielle Petty, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Out for Delivery               Directed By:  James Domizio, Santa Rosa Junior College 

The Cure                           Directed By:  Silvia Ciocchetta, Santa Rosa Junior College

The Whole Picture          Directed By:  Xander Corl, Grayson Champie, Santa Rosa High School 

Boogie Bar                        Directed By:  Crysta Andrews, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Self-Therapy                     Directed By:  Fateh Badesha, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Down the Drain               Directed By:  Quinn A. Cantarutti, Santa Rosa Junior College 

Maniac                              Directed By:  Andrew Carniglia, Kaden Christopher, Montgomery High School



The Sonoma County Student Film Festival relies on the support of our community to continue running each year. Show your support through a donation to our program!

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