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Looking to share your hobbies and interests with others? Check out some of our clubs on campus and join one of our many exciting clubs. Can’t find the one you are looking for? Then create one

* Clubs active in the spring semester are also active in the summer! Send Club Activation Packets for the fall semester to icc@santarosa.edu (ALL clubs must resubmit paperwork each semester) *

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Fall 2022

Bear Cub Water Polo Biology Club Black Student Union Chemistry Club Circle K International Computer Science Club
Economics Club Flip Club Homelessness & Housing Insecurity Club  Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Club MECh.A De SRJC Philosophy Club
Physics Club Pokemon Go & Other Games Club Positive Change Queer Action Alliance RAD Tech 2023 Second Chance Club
SRJC Art Club SRJC Cheer Club SRJC Ice Hockey SRJC Nutrition Club SRJC Student Wine Club Student Ambassadors Club
Students for Recovery Students for Socialism & Liberation Student Nurses Association (SNA) Sustainability Club The Engineering Club  





Bear Cub Water Polo

Bear Cub Water Polo will be an athletic club that trains for and competes in competitive water polo.  No past water polo experience is required, but you should be an average to strong swimmer since water polo is played in a deep pool.  Contact coach Matt McDowell at 847-867-9197 for more information

Meeting Times:                                                                  
Fall 2022: TBABearCub1


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: jmccormick@santarosa.edu
Club President: Jada Andrews
Club Treasurer: Jada Andrews
Club Advisor: Jill McCormick, jmccormick@santarosa.edu


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Biology Club

Unite individuals interested in all areas of the life science.  Foster support & networks between instructors, the community, and current and former SRJC students.  Expose members to the diversity of biological fields through speakers, internships and job opportunities to aid in actively pursuing their goals.  Organize & promote field-trips, events, activities and fundraisers to create strong community involvement opportunities.  

Meeting Times:                                                                  
Fall 2022: TBABioClub


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: biologyclubsrjc@gmail.com
Club President: Ani Fowler, anifowler29@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Charlotte Billotte, lotteb888@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Abigail Zoger, azoger@santarosaedu


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Black Student Union (BSU) 

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU)/National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for the African American/African student body and other students. In addition, the BSU provides a forum for them to voice their differences, goals, and ideas. This club is based at the Santa Rosa campus, addresses students' needs through peer mentoring, social activism, and community service.


Meeting Times:

Fall 2022: (2nd and 4th) Tuesdays of the month, 3:00-4:30 pm

Meetings take place via Zoom-Zoom ID 989 0159 1623

Club Contact Information:

Club Email:  santarosajc.bsu@gmail.com
Club President: Waad Dafalla, waed66bilal77@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Moses Leggess, legessemoses4@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Regina Mahiri, rmahiri@santarosa.edu 


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Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club strives to give students the opportunity to have fun with chemistry furthering their education while meeting like minded individuals.  Another aspect of the club is exposing students to different paths or application of chemistry outside of SRJC.

Meeting Times:                                                                  
Fall 2022: TBA-Contact srjcchemistryclub2021@gmail.com for more information   ChemistryClub


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: srjcchemistryclub2021@gmail.com
Club President: Catherine Kingsbury, ckingsbury6@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Danielle Sorg, dsorg22@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Jesse Tamayo, jtamayo@santarosa.edu


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Circle K International 

Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate service organization, with over 11,000 collegians. Circle K is a club found on college campuses that promotes service and fellowship to its members and to the community that they serve. The club is sponsored by Kiwanis International as part of their youth services programs.  It allows young people of today to become more responsible leaders for tomorrow


Meeting Times:                                                                  Circle
Fall 2022: Fridays (bi-weekly) from 7:00-8:00 pm

 Meetings take place via Zoom-Email srjc.cki@gmail.com for more information.


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: srjc.cki@gmail.com
Club President: Elaine Zhou, srjc.cki.president@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Monzerrat Morales, srjc.cki.treasurer@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Laurie Bacci, lbacci@santarosa.edu


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Computer Science Club

Are you taking Computer studies classes at the JC? Learning a programming language on your own?  Have you always wanted to learn how to code but have no idea how to apply it?  Come test the waters at the Computer Science Club!  The SRJC Computer Science Club is a place for coders and computer enthusiasts of all skill levels: anyone with an interest in computers is welcome.  Club activities include collaborative projects (web development, game development, robotics, etc) and programming conferences and events (North Bay Python, Hackathons), guest speakers and help with programming assignments.  Club members are also encouraged to bring their own ideas and interests to the club.  Feel free to stop by and share your own projects, or any project ideas you've always wanted to bring to life.


Meeting Times:                                                                  Computer Science
Fall 2022: TBA                                                                       

 Meetings take place via Zoom-Email srjc.computer.science.club@gmail.com for more   information


Club Contact Information:

Club Email:  srjc.computer.science.club@gmail.com
Club President: Ryan Swanson, rswanson95@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Eliya Pelton, epelton@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Eric Skagerberg, eskagerberg@santarosa.edu


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Economics Club

The Economics Club is designed to help students develop a better sense of real world economic events, expand knowledge about finances and overall enhance the students' understanding of money, investing, and the economic world in an interesting and engaging way.  

Meeting Times:                                                           Economics Club

Fall 2022: TBA 

Meetings take place via zoom-Email zavier.rod@gmail.com

Club Contact Information:

Club Email:  zavier.rod@gmail.com
Club President: Zavier Rodrigues, zavier.rod@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Lucas Koeller,  lucasrkoeller@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Michelle Conley, mconley@santarosa.edu


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FLIP Club (First Gen +/or Low Income Partnership Club)

The SRJC Flip Club welcomes SRJC students who identify as First-Generation-College and or/ Low Income.  A First-Gen student is one who is the first in their family to go to college. The FLIP Club is very inclusive and welcomes all FLIP students.  We have bilingual students, international students, students of color, students from the Second Chance Club, students from the LGBTQ+ community.  The purpose of the club is for SRJC First-Gen and/ or Low-Income students to support each other.  Also the FLIP Club connects students with extra support to help them achieve their educational and career dreams.  Also, we want to help First-Gen and/or Low-Income students own their FLIP Pride.  This is a multiple campus club.


Meeting Times:                                                     First Gen             
Fall 2022: Mondays from 1:45-2:45 pm

Club Contact Information: Meetings take place via Zoom-https://santarosa-edu.zoom.us/j/96993348991.  Email Club President Steven Morey at stevenmsrjcstudent@gmail.com for more information about the club

Club Email: stevenmsrjcstudent@gmail.com
Club President: Steven Morey, stevenmsrjcstudent@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Shawn Carlos, shawnmariacarlos@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Felicia Darling, fdarling@santarosa.edu

Instagram: @SRJCFLIP


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Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Resolution and Support Club

The club is for anyone who would like to resolve factors that lead to homelessness or housing insecurity.  Students taking classes in fields which could help reduce or prevent homelessness or housing insecurity for themselves and others in their community are welcome.  There is no requirement to identify/disclose as homeless or formerly homeless person.  We are here to support each other and our communities in recovering, learning, creating, and advocating workable solutions.  We share community resources and other opportunities. Please bring your ideas, your concerns, and solution.  Let's build back better, share options for connections, education and recovery.  With your help we can create resilient communities.

Meeting Times

Fall 2022: TBAHHI Club

Meetings take place via Zoom-email HHI.srjc@gmail.com for more information


Club Contact Information:

Club Email:  HHI.srjc@gmail.com
Club President: Ludmilla Bade, lbade@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Treasurer: Ludmilla Bade, lbade@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Nick Hill, nhill@santarosa.edu


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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity is a Christian faith community that exists to share God's love and truth with everyone on campus.  Our Bible studies are interactive, and we encourage questions.  Through learning together, we apply the concepts to our daily lives.


Meeting Times:                                                                  InterVarsity Horizontal Logo
Fall 2022:  Wednesdays 10:45-11:45 am.  Athletes Intervarsity-every Tuesday 10:30-11:30 am

Email jenny.kouse@intervarsity.org for more information about meetings


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: jenny.klouse@intervarsity.org
Club President: Julia Heth
Club Treasurer: Samie Lipsky
Club Advisor: Joe Fassler, jfassler@santarosa.edu


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Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanista De Aztlan (MEChA) is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura, and historia.  MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people.  We support that political involvement and education is an avenue for change in or society.

Meeting Times:                                                                Mecha
Fall 2022: TBA

 Meetings take place via Zoom-Email mechadesrjc@gmail.com for more information.

Club Contact Information:

Club Email: mechadesrjc@gmail.com
Club President: Odalis Rebollo, mechadesrjc@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Maria Arreguin, 
Club Advisor: Rafael Vasquez Guzman, rvasquez@santarosa.edu


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Philosophy Club 

The SRJC Philosophy Club is committed to a thoughtful and courageous pursuit of truth, a journey that begins where intellectual virtue meets careful reasoning.  Together we create a space of open and civil inquiry, where meaningful questions can be asked and a deepening of understanding can be explored through listening and sharing.  Topics may be challenging at times: we approach these conversation with logic, empathy, and respect.  All are welcome!

Meeting Times:                                                                         
Fall 2022: TBA Philclub

Meetings take place via Zoom-email srjcphilosophy@outlook.com for more details.

Club Contact Information:

Club Email: srjcphilosophy@outlook.com
Club President: Janessa Horner, xjanessaluna@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Sarah Beth Lesson, slesson@santarosa.edu


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Physics Club 

The goal of the SRJC Physics Club is to help its members learn about physics, engage in fun experiences involving physics, and get involved in professional and career-oriented physics activities.  Anyone with an interest in physics is encouraged to join.

Meeting Times: TBAPhysics

Meetings take place via Zoom, email club president Danielle Sorg at dsorg28@gmail.com for more details

Club Email: physicsclubsrjc@gmail.com
Club President: Danielle Sorg, dsorg22@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Chris Giudice, cgiudice@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Leon Hsu, lhsu@santarosa.edu


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Pokemon Go & Other Games Club 

The club welcomes experienced players and newcomers where they can exchange Pokemon Go codes and raid info.  You can also share interest in other games, campus friendly and community building games are prioritized.

Meeting Times

Fall 2022: There are no regular business meetings.  The priority is online exchange of info on Pokemon Go or hosting other games.Physics


Club Email: lbade@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club President: Ludmilla Bade, lbade@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Treasurer: Ludmilla Bade, lbade@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Allen Zhao, azhao@santarosa.edu


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Positive Change

Positive Change is studying advocating for social change.  We currently have working groups in our organization that are focused on domestic abuse awareness, rehabilitation, and homeless resource development, as well as resources for those who suffer from mental health disorders, and mental health awareness and further education information for the Roseland social change project.  We are all passionate and driven towards raising awareness and effecting positive change in our communities, but many of us are already actively involved in the huma services profession and have a strong probability of continuing within this field.  We have a clearly outlined strategy for promoting our ideas.


Meeting Times:                                                                         
Fall 2022: TBA    Positive Impact

Meetings take place via Zoom email club advisor Jessica Paisley at jpaisley@santarosa.edu for more information

Club Contact Information:

Club Email: jpaisley@santarosa.edu
Club President: Stephanie Heil
Club Advisor: Jessica Paisley, jpaisley@santarosa.edu



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RAD Tech 2023

The Rad Tech 2023 Club is a group of students in the Rad Tech program who meet weekly to provide moral, emotional and academic support through their time in the program.

Meeting Times

Fall 2022: TBARAD Tech

Club Email: talander@santarosa.edu
Club President: Briana Marshall
Club Treasurer: Devin Glischinski
Club Advisor: Tammy Alander, talander@santarosa.edu




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Second Chance Club 

Second Chance is a club for formerly incarcerated students that have been in jail or prison. Our goal is to help students feel a part of a community that does not judge regardless of where we came from. We want to provide support and help students become successful so they can have hope in having a brighter future. We also have a professional resource that helps Second Chance students with expungement applications for those who qualify.

To Donate to the Second Chance Club

Meeting Times:                                                                         2nd chance
Fall 2022: Tuesdays 11:30-1:00 pm (except during semester breaks)

Meetings take place via Zoom-email Club Advisor Rhonda Findling rfindling@santarosa.edu for more details.

Club Email:  srjcbrock@gmail.com
Club President: Jason Dorfer, 78norcal@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Kate Fielding-Metheny, lovesadog61@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Rhonda Findling, rfindling@santarosa.edu


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SRJC Art Club


The SRJC Art Club is for people who like art regardless of its drawing, painting, murals and of the like

Meeting Times:                                                      
Fall 2022: TBAWine Club

Email: srjcstudentwinelcub@gmail.com for more details

Club Contact Information:

Club Email: artclubsrjc1@gmail.com
Club President: Erin Lane, elane1@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Treasurer
Club Advisor: Nick Hill, nhill@santarosa.edu


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SRJC Cheer


SRJC Cheerleaders promote school spirit by attending various sports games and cheering on the teams.  When they are not attending events on campus they are practicing for their cheerleading competitions.


Meeting TimesSRJC CHeer

Fall 2022: Monday and Wednesdays 6:30--9:00 pm


Club Email: bearcubscheer@gmail.com
Club President: Isabella Naredo
Club Treasurer: Olivia Battaglini
Club Advisor: Joshua Pinaula, jpinaula@santarosa.edu


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SRJC Ice Hockey

The SRJC Ice Hockey team has been a staple in Santa Rosa Athletics for the last two decades.  In that time we became 5-time champions of our league, the PCHA.  We thrive by working hard in the classroom and on the ice.  You can find the schedule for our 2022 season here https://www.santarosahockey.com/schedule.html

To Donate to the SRJC Ice Hockey 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/srjchockey

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/srjchockey/

Meeting Times:                                                                    
Fall 2022:     TBA                                 

 Meetings take place at Snoopy's Home Ice Arena

Club Contact Information:
Club E-mailsrjcicehockey@gmail.com & angusbrodeur@outlook
Club President: Angus Brodeur (415-419-9682), angusbrodeur@outlook.com
Club Advisor: Tom Billeter, tbilleter@gmail.com


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SRJC Nutrition Club

The Nutrition Club is a group of students dedicated to nutrition education and outreach programs towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and awareness of nutrition, health, and wellness related issues.

Meeting Times:                                                                    
Fall 2022: TBA
Meetings take place in person and via Zoom-Email srjcnutritionclub@gmail.com for more information.Nutrition CLub

To Donate to the SRJC Nutrition Club

Club Contact Information:
Club Email: srjcnutritionclub@gmail.com
Club President: Danica Spero, dpastrydiva@gmail.com
Club Treasurer: Marlene Bine, mmbine316@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Jill Tarver, jtarver@santarosa.edu

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SRJC Student Wine Club

A space for Wine Study students to learn more about the wine studies programs, connect with class mates, find out about harvest jobs, work experience, internship opportunities, scholarship opportunities, share resources and ultimately have fun.  

Meeting Times:                                                      
Fall 2022: TBAWine Club

Email: srjcstudentwinelcub@gmail.com for more details

Club Contact Information:

Club Email: srjcstudentwinelcub@gmail.com
Club President: Abrea Tillman,abreatillman@gmail.com
Club Treasurer
Club Advisor: Kevin Sea, ksea@gmail.com


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Student Ambassadors Club 


Student Ambassadors are a trained corps of student leaders who are engaged in numerous service opportunities and programming events that aid in their development and contribute to the success of SRJC and our students. As peer advisors they enhance the overall vibrancy of the college and participate in the following activities and programs: Campus Tours; Greeters Program; New Student Orientation Events & Activities; Information Desk Referral & Directions; Cultural Enrichment & Entertainment Programs; and Leadership Development Training. 

Meeting Times:                                                      Student Ambassadors
Fall 2022: N/A

Email: srjcstudentaffairsoffice@gmail.com for more details

Club Contact Information:


Club Email: srjcstudentaffairsoffice@gmail.com
Club President: Deanna Dubinin, ddubinin@santarosa.edu
Club Treasurer: Taylor Izard, tizard@santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Sandy Sigala, ssigala@santarosa.edu


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Students For Recovery

Students for Recovery is a safe space for students to support each other and discover healthy connections as they navigate recovery and education. 

Meeting Times:                                                      
Fall 2022: TBA            Students 4 Recovery

Meetings take place via Zoom:  Email Jimmy Brock at srjcbrock@gmail.com for more information


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: srjcbrock@gmail.com
Club President: Jimmy Brock, srjcbrock@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Jessica Paisley, jpaisley@santarosa.edu


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Students For Socialism and Liberation

Capitalism is on a collision course with the people of the world and the planet itself. Imperialist war; deepening unemployment and poverty; deteriorating health care, housing and education; racism; exploitation of immigrants; discrimination and violence based on gender and sexual orientation; environmental destruction—all are products of the capitalist system. We fight for a socialist transformation of society through student activism: we engage in community organizing, host guest speakers, and educate ourselves on how we can create a more just society. Join us! Learn more about us at: facebook.com/Socialism.And.Liberation.SRJC


Meeting Times:                                                                  
Fall 2022: 


Club Contact Information:

Club Email: rmatthews@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club President: Ripley Matthews, rmatthews@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Treasurer
Club Advisor: Laura Larque, llarque@santarosa.edu


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Student Nurses Association (SNA) 


Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a club that is open to anyone pursuing a career in nursing, interested in nursing, interested in the medical field, and/or wants to get involved in our community. We recognize and strive for academic excellence, individual growth, community involvement (at SRJC and Sonoma County), and providing support both academically and personally. Through volunteering, we lend our community a hand at events like Iron Man and local clinics/hospitals. Through education, we help break down the stigma of mental health and help educate about current health topics. Let's educate, and keep our community informed and safe.

To Donate to SNA

Meeting Times:Student Nurses
Fall 2022: 

Meetings take place via Zoom-email srjcsnapresident@gmail.com for more details.


Club Contact Information:
Club Email: srjcsnapresident@gmail.com
Club President: Denise Navarro, denisenavarro707@gmail.com

Club Treasurer: Kayle Roth, kaylasr10@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Scott Meehl, smeehl@santarosa.edu

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Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club is a student led club at SRJC with the purpose of fostering and engaging with an environmentally conscious community.  We have a strong emphasis on empowering students with the tools necessary to tackle current social and environmental issues, while furthering local community involvement and leadership.  We invite you to participate in the club's variety of all-inclusive activities ranging from volunteering opportunities, group nature excursions, guest speaker series, group discussions, and more!

Meeting Times:
Fall 2022: TBASustainability

Meetings take place via Zoom: Zoom ID-742 536 7709

Club Contact Information:
Club Email:  sustainability@santarosa.edu
Club President: Andres Jojoa, jojoa29@hotmail.com

Club Treasurer: Will McBeardsley, Wmcbeardsley@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club Advisor: Genevieve Bertone, gbertone@santarosa.edu

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The Engineering Club (TEC) 

The Engineering Club (TEC) is a club for any SRJC student who is interested in S.T.E.M and growing themselves personally and or/professionally. Any major is welcome to join but we will be focusing on various engineering projects and activities in general.

Meeting Times:                                                                    TEC

Fall 2022: TBA

Meetings take place via discord-email SRJCTEC3.14@gmail.com for more details.

Club Contact Information:

Club E-mailSRJCTEC3.14@gmail.com
Club President: Josiah Aristizabal,josiaharisti@gmail.com
Club Advisor: Vince Bertsch, vbertsch@santarosa.edu

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Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship ( W.I.S.E)

Be the change, Be WISE! Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship is open to everyone no matter your gender or gender identity!  Any who feels that diversity is necessary in STEM & Entrepreneurship/ Business should join!  The goal is to make connections, network with fellow students who support diversity for the future and work on personal/ professional development.  Wise is a "STEM major friendly club" this means we want members to feel involved by NOT overwhelmed!  The time commitment is flexible.

To Donate to WISE

Meeting Times:                                                                                                                 Wise                   
Fall 2022: TBA


Meetings take place via Discord   

Club Contact Information:
Club Emailwiseclub.srjc@gmail.com                                                  
Club President: Kerry Smith, kerryjcsmith@gmail.com

Club Treasurer: Milton Tinoco
Club Advisor: Tim Melvin,tmelvin@santarosa.edu

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The Baha’i Club is a welcoming faith-based student club working to bring about unity by practicing the peaceful teachings of the Baha’i Faith. These teachings include:

  • The oneness of the entire human race,
  • The beauty of diversity,
  • The value of all religions,
  • The importance of independent investigation,
  • The importance of prayer and spiritual growth,
  • The importance of positive, peaceful action.

All are welcome, regardless of religion or background, to join the Baha’i Club in its mission to promote unity.

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” – Baha’i Writings

MEETING TIMES: Email for meeting information.

MEETING TIMES:  Email for current information.

Club E-mail: bahaiclubsrjc@gmail.com
Instagram: @srjc_bahai_club
Facebook http://www.fb.com/bahaiclubsrjc
Club President: Ken Beck, ken.beck@sbcglobal.net
Club Advisor: Michael Fanning, mfanning@santarosa.edu

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Health and Wellness Clubwellness logo

The health and Wellness Club's purpose is to explore health from a psychological perspective. We will learn about mindfulness, mediate, and practice yoga. We will also learn about the relationship between our brains and our health and mental well-being with discussions and presentations.

MEETING TIMES:  Mondays, 2-3pm. Contact for Zoom link.

Club E-mail: ally.lubas123@gmail.com
Club President: Ally Lubas
Club Advisor: Catherine Williams, cwilliams@santarosa.edu

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Petaluma Community Outreachpetaluma community outreach logo

The Petaluma Community Outreach Club's purpose is to unite SRJC students through service, give back to our local community, and increase SRJC's visibility within the community. We engage members of our local community through volunteer trips, coordination of drives/fundraisers, and much more. Get involved today!


Club E-mail: ccristiani877@gmail.com
Club President: Coleton Cristiani
Club Advisor: Alice Roberti, aroberti@santarosa.edu

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The Black & Brown Union REPRESENTS through a community of different experiences and shared struggles; EMPOWERS by supporting each other in order for ones growth; COMMUNITY building between each other to create a sense of support.


Club E-mail:
Club President:
Club Advisor:

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Petaluma Games Club is a space for gamers of all types to come together and hang out. We talk about, play, and enjoy video games, board games, card games, and any other games you can think of! Feel free to bring your own games and cords to play or borrow the school's PS4s at the Gaming Center.


Club E-mail:
Club President:
Club Advisor:

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Come on by and join the SRJC Queer Student Union (QSU) for our weekly meetings where we socialize and chill out, discuss LGBTQI+ topics, plan and table for events, and go on fields trips! 


Club Email: srjcqsupetaluma@gmail.com



Instagram: @srjcqsu

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In addition to honorable distinction, the Society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus or online.  Upon completion of the program, members receive their leadership certificate and take their place among the top student leaders at their campus and across the country.  Members are able to list their affiliation on all statements of personal accomplishment, including their resume.  

Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.



Club E-mail: nsls@bearcubs.santarosa.edu
Club President:
Club Advisor: Deborah Ziccone, dziccone@santarosa.edu

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