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Get Involved & Make a Difference at SRJC 

Get paid to get heard and get ahead! Students are compensated at $20 per hour by Student Government Assembly for the hours they serve on these committee meetings!

Student representatives funded through the Public Service Fellowship participate in making decisions about the future of SRJC. SRJC Student Reps are appointed by Student Government at Monday's meetings from 3pm - 5pm.

Students serve on committees with faculty, administrators, staff, and other students, where they have a voice and a vote in deciding the future of our college. These committees provide a powerful space for students to share their perspective on what's important, by advocating for things like creating new programs, constructing new buildings on campus, changing college policy, increasing campus safety, dedicating resources to sustainability initiatives, adding new scholarships, and much more! Local research shows that students who participate in student leadership programs are more likely to complete their goals. They are also:

  • Earning a quarterly or hourly stipend ($20/hr) via the Public Service Fellowship and student employment.
  • Learning valuable leadership and professional skills that will help them in achieving future goals.
  • Helping to bring student voice and perspective to institutional processes and planning.

SRJC Student Reps are able to choose committees that fit their interests and schedule, but are strongly encouraged to attend consistently.

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