Student Clubs

For Santa Rosa Clubs:

* NOTE: as of 3/30/20, the ICC meeting details are TBD *

Inter-Club Council holds meetings every Wednesday during the Fall and Spring Semester. Meetings are held from 1:30 PM - 3 PM in the Rotary Center for Student Leadership in the Bertolini Student Center. Check the ICC Agenda for more specific information, or contact the ICC Chair, Burnice Nyamien at or the ICC Advisor Zonia Diaz at

For Petaluma Clubs:

Petaluma Council holds meetings on Wednesdays during the Fall and Spring Semester. Meetings are held from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM in the Richard Call Building, Room 602. Check the Agenda for more specific information, or contact Petaluma Council Advisor, Deb Ziccone, at , or the Vice-President of Clubs - Petaluma, Delashay Carmona-Benson at


Current Semester ICC Meeting Schedule

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) plans to meet during the fall and spring semesters every Wednesday from 1:30 - 3 pm in the Rotary Center for Student Leadership, Room 4643, 1st Floor, Bertolini Student Center.

ICC Spring 2020 Meeting Dates

#12 22-Jan #19 25-March
#13 29-Jan #20 1-April
#14 5-Feb #21 8-April

12-Feb (Club Day) 

#22 15-April
#15 19-Feb #23 22-April
#16 26-Feb #24 29-April
#17 4-March #25 6-May



- 13-May

(Spring Break)

- 20-May (Finals)