Student Life

DeAnna Rogers
Coordinator, Basic Needs & Support Programs
Room #4657, Student Resource Center, 1st Floor Bertolini Student Center

DeAnna Rogers is the Coordinator of the new Basic Needs & Support Programs. She is in charge of the Santa Rosa Campus Student Resource Center.

At the Student Resource Center we understand that very few students navigate the sometimes rough waters of college without some help along the way.  We understand that your personal life and background can impact your academic potential and achievement, we want to make it easier for you to succeed by connecting you to SRJC and community resources. The SRJC truly believes that everyone should have access to quality education and opportunities for personal and professional growth, we are developing many resources to guide you on your path to a bright future.

At the SRJC Student Resource Center you can come and talk to us when you’re facing barriers from outside your college life that at are hindering your academic success or if you’re in a crisis for basic needs. We can help you negotiate college and community resources so that you can get back to your college goals.

SRJC SRC (Student Resource Center) offers you one-on-one partnership to help you navigate your current barriers.

Don’t forget we are here to support you throughout every stop of your college journey and beyond!