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Want to plan an event or learn more about events at SRJC? You are in the right place! You will find links to event applications, promotional opportunities, and district protocols below.

Student Life Event Application

Fill out this form to request approval for a district-sponsored event. All events must be approved in advance and have an SRJC employee associated with the event. If you have any questions, please contact Genevieve Bertone at

SRJC On-Campus Event Request Form (Staff)

Following is the process for On-Campus Event Request Forms (drive thru and in person):

  • On-Campus Event Requests are directed to Kate Lucas for Petaluma or Javier Rodriguez for all other District locations.
  • Send your request at least 10 working days in advance to allow for proper review.
  • On the Form, add your event name and department name, this makes tracking your request easier.
  • Once received your request goes from Kate or Javier to a review process where EH&S, District Police and Facilities evaluate such request to guarantee the safety of the students and staff coming to our campus.
    • Last minute or late requests affect this important part of the process because they don’t allow for enough time to review the forms.
    • We know there might be urgent situations where forms cannot be sent in the required time window but this shouldn’t be the norm.
    • Remember please that we are not dealing with typical events, safety is a very important factor to consider when reviewing your request.
    • Getting the requests in advance also gives Kate Lucas and Javier the opportunity to prevent conflicts with other activities happening in the college; not only events can conflict with these activities.
  • After Kate Lucas or Javier, EH&S, District Police and Facilities review the request it goes to the appropriate VP taking it to Cabinet for approval.
  • Giving the adequate time for review is very important especially for your VP since they will be advocating for your requests.
  • Kate Jolley sends us an email with the forms that got approved after every Cabinet meeting. As soon as we get the approved forms from her we notify the requester/s on record.  
  • A notification for all the events is created with additional information about activities in our District and sent to the different requesters on the week/s of their events. 

Procedures for Departments:

Departments will coordinate the volunteers, lockers and equipment drop off/check out within their department, i.e., departments will identify point people

It is required for volunteers to wear masks and gloves and offer hand sanitizer (EH&S and Student Life to provide if departments don’t have any)

Note: gloves and masks are valued commodities, so please use sparingly.

It is encouraged to use Burbank Circle at Santa Rosa and Academic Drive at Petaluma as a one-way drive through. Students and support system can stay in car; SRJC staff can retrieve/place items in trunk.

If you need to utilize a building to host this activity:

  • One entrance – students use hand sanitizer before entering
  • One exit – separate from entrance – students use hand sanitizer upon exiting
  • Doors propped open to promote social distancing
  • The number of people who enter are controlled upon people leaving
  • Social distancing encouraged within the line
  • Use signage – If your department doesn’t have A-frames, contact Student Life at (707) 527-4424 or

Your contacts for processing requests and access to the campus are:

For Petaluma:

Kate Lucas at 707-778-3817 and 707 478-4948

For Santa Rosa and all other locations:

Javier Rodriguez at (Email only)

For access or District Police:

(707) 527-1000

SRJC District Access Protocols

All in-person activities must follow the SRJC District Access Protocols. Please review the link above before submitting an On-Site Event Request Form.

Calendar of Events

District-sponsored events are listed in the Calendar of Events, which is public and available to SRJC students and employees. If you'd like your event to be listed in the Calendar of Events, please fill out the SRJC Event Application above.

BearFacts Student eNewsletter

Bearfacts is a weekly eNewsletter that is emailed to all SRJC students. Bearfacts includes posters and promotions for upcoming events and activities in the SRJC community. If you would like to include promotions for your event in Bearfacts, fill out the SRJC Event Application above. If you have any questions or would like to receive the Bearfacts eNewsletter in the future, contact Zack Miranda at

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